A small Pico-8 game made in 4 hours for 8 Bits to Infinity Challenge #1. Uses only freely available assets (see credits ingame for details).

In browser, Pico-8 controls are Arrows Keys/Z/X.

If you have Pico-8, you can download the cartridge to play offline with or view the source code.

Made withPICO-8


wormy.p8.png 14 kB


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I liked the single pixel line, it has a cool aesthetic to it! My high score is 172, don't know if that's good or bad... but idk, I found it pretty hard, the controls were a bit weird but I think that's part of the challenge and fun of the game! There was one thing though, in the menu, all buttons did the same thing so I couldn't use the Instructions or Credits buttons... Well done though, I liked it! 


You use arrow keys up/down to navigate the menu (works for me?)

Oh yeah now I see, I was just stupid... :p