This is an unfinished RTS, heavily based on the Creeper World series. I didn't get a lot done on it during the jam, so it's quite unfinished, basically a tech demo.

Instructions: Use the buttons in the bottom left to select either Turrets or Power Nodes, and click to place. Turrets need power from the base!

Web build seems to run quite slowly, desktop performance should be better.


Download 25 MB


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Yeah, for someone who hasn't played the Creeper World games, it's pretty hard to know what's going on.  I think the turrets are shooting the blue stuff, if they're close enough to a power node.  Maybe you're trying to beat the blue stuff back enough to take out the spawn points?

Anyway it looks beautiful, and I bet it'll be a fun game when it's finished!  Hit me up on Discord and let's see if we can think of any ways to make it more efficient on the web, too.

I couldn't quite figure this one out.  I can place power and turrets, but im not sure what they are supposed to shooting at.

If you could give me a few pointers, I'll happily give it another go.