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Is there no way to move diagonally?

No, that's by design (different from a lot of roguelikes that have diagonal movement but I prefer 4-way movement).

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That evolution just tanked everything =D  Is there a special prize for full Monsteropedia?


Congrats on beating the game, I hope you had fun. No special reward for 100% completion in the jam version I'm afraid.

In spite of grindy gameplay and kinda empty dungeons, this is pretty fun to play! I NEED THAT LEGENDARY FROM THE LOWEST LEVEL!

I was bigballing somewhere in deep dungeons when the game crashed on me though :(  I can share the Mac crash report privately if you're interested - it crashed right as I was healing a pokemon in battle.

Hey, sorry about the crash. The Mac version is not well tested and this is the first I've heard about any crash issues. I'd be interested in the crash report if possible.

Got an email / discord / something else I can drop the log at? :)

Gotta say, really really interesting type of game, the fact that everything is just symbols works surprisingly well and everything looks very solid and well crafted; However I found the controls to be a little weird (Like all over the place) and even with the help screen a little tutorial would have been nice to get the hang of the multiple mechanics.

Also since the game is a little grindy, some music would have been nice, even just a repetitive tune; With that being said, for seven days of development it feels really complete.

Hey, thanks for playing and the detailed feedback. I'll try and take that on board if I end up updating the game.

If you ever do end up updating it or make plans to update it for a while to come (nothing consistent, just an assurance that updates will come at some point or another), I know I'd definitely be willing to pay for an updated version!