Manage a warehouse of crates on Mobius strip space station. Who thought that was a good idea? Made in 48 hours for Ludum Date 47 Compo. Source is available in the form of the Pico 8 Cartridge (mobius.p8.png)

Crates will be delivered at the start of each day. You can take time to rearrange them as you see fit. Pull and push crates with the Pico "O" button (keyboard: Z).

The station warehouse is on a Mobius strip. Keep running right and  see how it works!

When you're ready push the red go button by the Out door using the Pico "X" button (keyboard: X). Then deliver the required crates by picking them up and pressing the Pico "X" button at the Out door. You have a time limit, and if you fail it's game over.


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What a neat idea! I love how the game doesn't need a tutorial on how it's a mobius strip since you start on the other side. A very enjoyable simple experience.