Knights in the Round

A roguelike where you conquer dungeons by sending your hero flying around the room smashing into enemies. Enjoy physics based combat combined with deep tactical gameplay*.

Made for 7 Day Roguelike 2022. My 5th 7DRL project in a row.

* Tactical gameplay may not actually be that deep. No refunds.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, run KitR.exe.


Download 40 MB
Version 8 Mar 12, 2022


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Boss defeated! That was fun, and I like the concept a lot. It’s cool you were able to make three different heroes in the time available.

If you die with an ally in play and there are no enemies, the game crashes it seems.

Whoops. I don't think anyone else has managed to find that one :D

I rly liked it, it was very fun playing it, n i think u rly could make a full game about this.

What if Rogue, but Bumper Pool? I liked it!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!