Chuck is a robot working at the power plant. Something's gone wrong and tripped the breaker, so he's on battery power!

Find batteries, dash between charge points, and try and switch the breaker back on to win. Be quick, because away from charge points your battery is always draining.

Made for Tiny Jam 73, following the theme (Power) and limitation (only 5 colours on screen at a time).

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Z or X or M or something to start game.

Arrow keys to move
Up or Z to jump (on PC keyboard).

Gamepads should work too!


Download 1 MB
Version 2 Feb 07, 2021
chargin_chuck.p8.png 12 kB
Version 2 Feb 07, 2021


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what are the coins for

Just for fun, to give you something extra to find when exploring. :)

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I actually have an idea

if you get 100 coins you get a battery piece that you use to get a battery

and you use 10 of those to get a full battery


that was a fun challenge I'd like to see a squeal